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Practice on AI, not Humans: How AI-Powered Simulation Training Empowers Your Human Agents to Succeed

The ability of AI to empower, not replace, humans is often lost in the sensational stories about AI’s impact on call centers. In this podcast we explore how conversational and generative AI are being utilized across industries to exponentially scale role-playing, and enable true scenario-based training where you can practice active listening, communication, and multi-tasking skills simultaneously.

David Lawson, Co-Founder & CEO of Call Simulator, will discuss how immersive conversation simulations can be created, distributed, and analyzed by call centers of any size. David will also discuss the proven ROI of simulation training, and why it is integral to a call center’s quality management.


Practice on AI, not Humans: How AI-Powered Simulation Training Empowers Your Human Agents to Succeed


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Call Simulator Announces Partnership with ProcedureFlow

A Knowledge Management software uniquely designed for the modern workplace, ProcedureFlow simplifies the way employees navigate organizational processes to accelerate proficiency. Our improved process flows allow you to create, organize, update, share, and track procedures for easier end-to-end management.

ProcedureFlow digitizes your operations to create a single source of truth for company processes. This allows employees to access the information they need in a highly consumable, visual, and easily updatable format. With ProcedureFlow, companies can create a high performing culture by improving training and proficiency and boosting employee confidence from day one.

To learn more about ProcedureFlow, go to ProcedureFlow.

Call Simulator Included in Cohort 11 of Engage Enterprise Accelerator

Engage‘s Cohort 11 has officially kicked off, and eight new startups are now focusing on the core aspect of Engage: Corporate 1:1s. These discussions enable each startup to connect with key team members from Engage’s corporate partners, ensuring that their innovative solutions reach the right business unit leaders in each corporate partner.

Call Simulator Forges a Partnership with Assima Syncing Hands-On Software Training and Simulated Voice Interactions

Assima, a global leader in systems training and digital adoption, and Call Simulator™, a proven Conversational-AI-powered call training provider, announce an exciting new partnership designed to help organizations train employees at scale, utilizing immersive training experiences to increase adoption and reduce time and cost to proficiency.   

Call Simulator, Inc. Announces $575K in Seed Round Funding from JaxAngels

Call Simulator, Inc., a fast-growing tech company that develops AI-powered training software, has received $575K in Seed Round Funding. The funding comes from JaxAngels, the largest angel investment group in North Florida. Funds will expand AI-Powered Training Platform into new verticals including Telehealth, Banking, Insurance & more.

FSU Alumni Develop AI Program to Train Emergency Phone Operators, Save Lives

Florida State University scientific computing alumni have developed a speech-to-speech artificial intelligence program used to help train phone operators who dispatch emergency services. Through a partnership with Priority Dispatch, the call-simulator software produced by NewSci — an artificial intelligence software development company based in Tallahassee — has been adopted by 911 call centers across the nation and around the globe.

Priority Dispatch Announces Strategic Partnership With Call Simulator, Inc.

Priority Dispatch® has partnered with Call Simulator™, a division of NewSci LLC, to provide AI-powered speech-to-speech call simulations through TRAIN AI, a powerful training module which decreases the cost of training emergency dispatchers and increases their proficiency and retention.

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Ready to Experience Call Simulator™ for Yourself?

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