Call Simulator, Inc. Announces $575K in Seed Round Funding from JaxAngels

Call Simulator, Inc., a fast-growing tech company that develops AI-powered training software, has received $575K in Seed Round Funding. The funding comes from JaxAngels, the largest angel investment group in North Florida. Funds will expand AI-Powered Training Platform into new verticals including Telehealth, Banking, Insurance & more.

FSU Alumni Develop AI Program to Train Emergency Phone Operators, Save Lives

Florida State University scientific computing alumni have developed a speech-to-speech artificial intelligence program used to help train phone operators who dispatch emergency services. Through a partnership with Priority Dispatch, the call-simulator software produced by NewSci — an artificial intelligence software development company based in Tallahassee — has been adopted by 911 call centers across the nation and around the globe.

Priority Dispatch Announces Strategic Partnership With Call Simulator, Inc.

Priority Dispatch® has partnered with Call Simulator™, a division of NewSci LLC, to provide AI-powered speech-to-speech call simulations through TRAIN AI, a powerful training module which decreases the cost of training emergency dispatchers and increases their proficiency and retention.

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