How Call Simulator Works

How Call Simulator Works

Call Simulator™ is an immersive Conversational AI and Generative AI SaaS platform designed to develop core competencies through conversation-based training. Call Simulator’s unique Scenario Studio™ empowers Learning & Development (L&D) professionals to easily generate and customize any number of practice scenarios, and provides an environment for Learners to Safely Practice to Perfection™ at scale.

As an enterprise learning solution, Call Simulator integrates with your SSO and LMS environments to accelerate training rollout and adoption. Using secure, private Generative AI or sample conversation imports, L&D professionals can build, test, and publish training scenarios in minutes. Using industry-standard identity and access management protocols, like SAML and OIDC, teams can provision and assign scenarios to learners immediately alongside existing training materials.

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Learning & Development (L&D) professionals leverage Call Simulator’s Scenario Studio to not only accelerate scenario building and distribution, but also to create an unlimited number of fully-customized, immersive practice conversations with minimal effort. Your L&D team has complete control of scenario-based conversation facilitated with Call Simulator. Even better, any changes or updates are made available immediately for training with no need to go back to production.

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Scenario Assist

Call Simulator adds Generative AI into Scenario Studio conversation-building to allow for automatic generation of entire conversations, as well as variations for what is being said on both the learner and caller sides of the conversation.

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Making It Real

Call Simulator uses built-in capabilities to create different caller personas across a range of genders, emotions, accents, and languages. This means a learner experiences a different caller persona with each scenario run, as defined by your company's L&D pros.

All Together Now
All Together, Now

Easily group and distribute scenarios using our Playlist creator. Create learning modules with related scenarios. Customize the learning experience for each learner based on their unique needs.



Call Simulator users can run simulations within existing tools like training portals, LMS, LXP, or a lightweight CallSim Player user interface. CallSim Player gives more screen area to other tools used in training, such as sandboxes or training materials, facilitating hands-on software training as well as conversational practice.

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Dynamic Conversation Flow

Simulations are steered by caller intentions and goals, just like real-world conversations. Interactions are fully conversational with no "next" button or timer between turns.

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Practice Makes Perfect

There is no limit to the number of times a learner can perform a scenario-based simulation. Simulations can be run anytime from anywhere.

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Immersive & Safe

Call Simulator provides an immersive space where learners can make mistakes and learn from them safely.



Every moment matters in Call Simulator. Insights are provided for every completed simulation, utilizing a rubric defined as “Relaxed” or “Strict” for each unique scenario. Highlights include where learners veered out of context; adhered to compliance standards; stayed within expected call time; used filler words. This helps L&D professionals quickly assess learner readiness as well as where learners need additional practice with certain scenarios, caller types, or providing acknowledgement, empathy and/or reassurance where applicable.

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Measure Performance

Simulation transcripts provide visual feedback on whether learners adhered to scenario guidelines, and CARE-CX tracks moments where the learner showed empathy, reassurance, or acknowledgement.

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Listen to Simulations

Audio recordings are available for all completed simulations. With each simulation segmented and color-coded by conversation turns, focusing on the parts of the conversation needing the most attention or remediation is quick and easy.

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Provide Coaching

Call Simulator provides trainers the ability to give relevant conversation turn-level feedback to learners. Both learners and coaches have access to results immediately following a simulation.

Ready to Experience Call Simulator™ for Yourself?

Ready to Experience Call Simulator™ for Yourself?

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